starting a new blog and why i don't use capitals

hi. yes, i'm starting a new blog. to those of you who have followed me for a while on my other blog, beautiful chaos, you know that i've started a few other blogs and then they fizzled out. you probably noticed that even my posting on beautiful chaos has fizzled out. a lot of things made it fizzle. i'm going to keep it, because there are a lot of good posts there, but i feel the need, once again, to start over. this time i'll try to not let this blog go by the wayside.

why start a new one again?

--i need to get back to writing and i'm hoping this will wake up my brain.

--blogging is easier than doing videos on youtube because it's familiar and i'm not ready to put myself out there in video form (but that doesn't mean i'm not toying with the idea - i even set up a youtube channel. it just doesn't have any content yet.)

-- i committed to doing a variation of the 100 day project in one of my facebook groups, and this was the thing i wanted to do on a regular basis. it's a safe place to be accountable.

-- i need to do something that makes me happy (besides working on my new-found craft of junk journaling), and writing in any form makes me happy, plus it's mentally easier than working on my novel. :P

now, if you're new to reading my blog posts, let me explain why i don't use caps. when i was writing my very first draft of my very first novel (and as of this moment, my *only* novel), it was much easier on my fingers to not use caps for anything. when i started my blog back in 2005, i was in the habit of not using them, and i was also trying to stop being a grammar snob. now i write this way in my texts, emails, facebook posts and comments, etc, but so does everyone else. :)

ok, so that's it for now. i will try to post a few times a week. thanks for stopping by.

(if you're a facebook friend and want to leave a comment, but prefer to not use the comment form here, or you just don't want to fiddle around with using google, please feel free to send me a private FB message.)