the 100 day challenge and YouTube

once again, i had very good intentions about blogging every few days for the 100 day project. but then i found YouTube.

ok, it's not like i hadn't heard of YouTube, or watched more videos than i can count on every subject from Marvel movies to junk journals. but i'd never uploaded any video content. i was just a watcher. now i'm a content creator.

(at first, i was going to say "YouTuber" but according to Wikipedia, "A YouTuber, also known as a YouTube personality, YouTube celebrity, or YouTube content creator, is a type of internet celebrity and videographer who has gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing website YouTube." as of today, i have 118 subscribers, so i'm not one of those.)

that's certainly ok with me since i never expected to upload anything to YouTube, for any reason. in fact, when a new friend of mine suggested it, i kind of laughed to myself, and i asked her, "what would i ever post about?"

i probably asked myself the same thing when i put up my first blog post, back in 2005. at the time, i was starting to write my first novel, and i posted about that and other things. i called the blog "Life in the Midst of Writing." when i started writing about a lot of other things, i changed the name to "Beautiful Chaos." over the years, blogging kind of fell by the wayside and i didn't write about much at all.  14 years later, i started this blog as a way to get myself back into writing.

but then the YouTube thing came along. i found the idea scary and fascinating-- kind of like how i felt about blogging in the beginning, and certainly how i felt about writing. in all of those cases, you're putting yourself out there for everyone to see, and they can make comments. but at least with blogging and writing, i can edit to find just the right words. and no one has to hear my voice.

even with that kind of scare factor, the idea wouldn't go away, so, just for the heck of it, i made a practise video about my craft room and shared it in a private Facebook group. it was very short, but i had fun, and i got a lot of positive comments. then i started a new YoutTube channel, separate from my personal viewing channel. but i still didn't know what kind of videos i would post.

then i met a new friend in the crafting world that i'd followed for a year or so. we spent part of a day together (which is another story i'll tell), and since Gayle is  pretty popular, i asked if i could do a video tour of her craft room to post on my channel. then i put up the one about my craft room from Facebook. then Gayle made a video about the day we'd spent together, and a lot of people who watch her videos watched mine. now here i am with 118 subscribers and thinking up all kinds of videos i can do in the future.

as someone said to me, YouTube is like a second hobby. i sure can't argue with that. when i posted something in my Facebook group about getting distracted with doing videos during the 100 day challenge, someone said that creating content for YouTube is a creative outlet too, and that's really what the challenge is about.

i've been at it for less than two weeks, and i'm trying to learn how to manage that, run my house, eat, sleep, do my crafting, and not obsessively check my comments and subbie numbers. on the other hand, i'm  having a lot of fun, which is not something i expected. and i think it's helping to unlock the creative side of my brain that's been stuck for a long time, because today, i woke up thinking about all kinds of things i wanted to do, and one of those was working on the next draft of my new novel. 

and i almost forgot... here's a link to my channel-- Joyful Michelle

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