you might be a new YouTuber** if...

... you find yourself constantly checking your email (especially the one you set up just for YouTube) for new comments. respond to comments as soon as you see them in your email.

... you obsessively check your subscriber numbers, and tell yourself it's ok if the number fluctuates up and down.

... you tell yourself to laugh if someone gives you a "thumbs down" on one of your videos because you've heard from other YouTubers that there are people out there who go around giving videos bad ratings just to be annoying and negative. wake up thinking about what new videos you could make and rehearse them in your head. make new videos just for the fun of it. realize that you used to complain about getting sucked into the YouTube time vortex, and now you see the irony that you're giving people more videos to get sucked into.'re slowly learning that you don't have to subscribe back to everyone who's subscribed to you, but you *do* subscribe to YouTubers you already know (especially the ones starting new channels of their own) because you want to be supportive and we're all in this together. try to watch all of your friends' videos because they watch yours.'re learning to be selective about which videos to put into the "watch later" list, and which ones to save in a new list just for friends' videos because you have a limited amount of time in your day, you already have subscriptions to channels with really great content, and you have videos of your own to make.

... you feel guilty that you're making and watching videos when you should be...
      -- working on the sequel to the novel you wrote 10 years ago.
      -- making that journal you promised your daughter 7 months ago.
      -- making that journal you promised your best friend 3 months ago.
      -- working on a journal for yourself that you've been thinking about ever since you learned what a junk journal was.
      -- doing any crafting for yourself at all. find yourself talking to your subscribers even when you're crafting alone. start your conversations with, "Welcome to my channel," and end them with, "Please be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell."

... you're pretty sure that the friend who encouraged you to start a YouTube channel in the first place (and even helped you come up with channel names) is chuckling to herself because you asked her, "Why would I ever start a channel? What would I ever talk about?" and when she gave you really good answers to your arguments, you still said, "I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do this."

of course, this could just be me, because i do have a long history of obsessively checking my email for comments on my blog posts, checking Instagram for new comments on those posts, and more recently, checking Facebook more often than i should to see what people have said about my comments and posts in various groups i'm in.

or maybe there's someone else out there doing the same thing and wondering how the heck they got here.

i wonder if we just need to start a "Newbie YouTubers' support group." if we do, i'll make sure to check my emails regularly to help you get over your new obsession. if i make a video about it, please be sure to like, comment, subscribe and hit the notification bell.

**yes, i called myself a YouTuber, even though i don't fit the technical definition that i talked about in a previous post. but it's easier than saying YouTube content creator. :P

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